Best Hair Loss Baldness Cure Treatment

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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When you think about the top hair loss treatments in the world, what do think of? There are so many to choose from and many of them being complete failures that do not work at all. I think most people look at products that are sold by the largest pharmaceutical companies. The biggest names, the ones that EVERYONE and their grandmothers’ have heard of. If they worked so well and everyone knows about it, then why are there so many bald people in this world? Let’s take a moment to evaluate some motivational factors of creating a hair loss treatment.

Big pharmaceutical companies  are in the business to make money….a lot of money. So let’s say they hear of a substances that stimulates hair growth. Maybe they discovered the substance on their own or got the idea from somewhere else. Just maybe they created a formula, threw it on some bald rats and discovered hair growth. They hire some people to be part of a study. If they achieve even the slightest amount of hair growth on people or rats, they get a patent and forward their formula to the FDA for approval. The FDA deems the product is safe for human use (This is all the FDA does. The FDA does not care if it is effective, but that it’s safe) and authorize the pharmaceutical company to market the product. The product hits the shelves and people flock to buy it because they trust the big brand name. People continue to buy it even if it is not really working well, because they believe that something so well marketed and mass produced just has to be good! The pharmaceutical company makes millions…..even billions. They achieved their goal… make money.

Now lets take a look at the motivation of a small time inventor. The average citizen who works hard for a living. We are talking about Alan Tomlinson who invented the ZX42 hair loss treatments. Mr. Tomlinson IS an average hard working guy. He is a man who WAS bald. After years of wasting money on countless products and getting nowhere, he became discouraged. That discouragement turned into motivation. He wanted to desperately reclaim his hairline and decided he was going to do it himself. And that he did. Nearly five years worth of mixing ingredients together and testing the different formulations on himself. Finally it worked. He was growing real hair! After a year or so of using his own invention, he decided that this was something that people would actually buy. That is when he officially named the product ZX42 and started selling.  His initial motivation….to grow hair on his head.

Now, you can trust a gigantic, corporate, money guzzling machine with a mediocre at best solution. OR trust a man who poured his heart and soul into finding a REAL solution. For more information on and to purchase ZX42 products, please visit

  1. ed henson says:

    I have been on zx42 for over a year now and its a great product ,, no oily mess

  2. Jason Steimley says:

    I wasted so much money on other products. I always saw ZX42 on the hair fuel online site, but never trusted it. But after desperately trying many other products an pretty much no results to speak of, I gave this product a shot. Wish I would have started a long time ago when i first heard about it. I am well on my way to having a full head of hair. already regained about half of what i had lost in a little under 6 months.

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