Hair loss is a sensitive issue for many and can cause people modify their day to day behavior.  Such as wearing hats when they’d prefer not to. Or shying away from social gatherings because they are embarrassed.  For example, I met a great kid named Tony a few years back at a local golf tournament. He was working in the clubhouse cleaning tables and dishes while making his way through college. Everything was normal about this kid except one thing…Tony was a 21 year old kid who was a Norwood 4A. 

Since I was in town for the golf outing all weekend, I decided to check out the local bar scene. I climbed atop my bar stool and ordered a beer.  This particular bar was in the shape of a U, and as I looked across I saw a young guy with a baseball cap.  His face looked familiar, the then I realized it was Tony from the clubhouse. He was hanging out with his friends. One of them flipped his hat off onto the ground and the insensitive members of the group were laughing and poking fun of his balding dome. Of course, he pretended it didn’t bother him and was “laughing along” but I could see the sheer look of embarrassment and frustration on his face.  He never saw me in the bar that night and I haven’t seen him since. But the vision of this young guy getting ridiculed for something he could not help has haunted me ever since.  It led me to thinking that there has got to be something out there that can help this kid.  9 years later I found a solution and created

At we feature a line of products called ZX42. We have been helping many people of all ages reclaim their hairlines from yesteryear. We offer a complete line of products to get the results no other products have been able to give. We have a topical solution which is the main component of the system.  The scalp cleanser removes DHT and other pore blocking elements from the scalp. Finally, the conditioner helps lock in moisture and contains components that promote faster growth. All of our kits also include a laser comb, grooming kit, hair brush and scalp massager.

I have the utmost joy in being able to help people get real results that they once thought were impossible. I want to let people know that there is hope and is there for you.  I only wish I could have helped Tony. I wish I could find him now and tell him how he has inspired me to help thousands of people just like him.

For more information about our products or to order, please visit

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