Grow Hair Back with ZX42 at

Posted: April 16, 2012 in ZX42 Hair Loss Cure

I appreciate that there is a stereotypical skepticism surrounding hair loss treatments. I myself am a skeptic as well. I wanted to share a story. First off, it never really bothered me that I had a receding hair line. Getting my hair back was never a thought in my mind. I was checking the news several weeks ago and an add popped up on the side about hair transplant. It was spam which popped up all different treatments. I laughed because I didn’t believe that anything really worked. So I googled “is there anything that works to regrow hair.” I saw this guy selling a product called ZX42. I always think these videos are funny about hair growth products. Then I saw he had posted a video that he would give anyone a lifetime supply that could help him with his website. I happen to be an IT person for a PHARMA company. So I though why not. I called him, he was very friendly and honest. he sent me a boat load of ZX42. I got it on March 29th, so its only been about 11 days using it. I already have new little hairs in my balding spot. I have absolutely nothing to hide. I know that his formula contains 1.8 percent minoxidil. he allowed me to start my own website to sell ZX42. I am not going to go anywhere hardcore promoting. Just wanted to help him because he is helping me. its very difficult to get a new product out especially on such a controversial subject. everything sounds like snake oil unless its Rogaine.

anyway, my website is if you would like to learn more. otherwise, best of luck to everyone. I will be sharing the ingredients on my website. haven’t gotten to put it up yet. thanks for listening. Oh and all the ingredients are listed on the website so you know exactly what you are getting.


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